About Us

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Kensington-Little Mountain Football Club is a community soccer club under the umbrella of the Vancouver Youth Soccer Association (VYSA). The VYSA oversees boys and girls soccer for the city of Vancouver. KLM is one of several community clubs throughout the city.

KLM Football Club is a medium size club compared to the other youth soccer organizations in Vancouver. The club currently registers between 550 to 600 boys and girls annually. The players range in age from 4 to 17. We draw players from as far East as Champlain Heights, South to Marine Drive, West to Cambie and North to Kingsway. KLM is a non-profit society organized, administrated and operated soley by volunteers.

The purposes of the club are to:
  • Promote and encourage children and youth participation in the game of soccer.
  • Teach and encourage sportsmanship and emphasize fair play at all time.
  • Teach respect for all players, officials and spectators at all time.
  • To organize and administer teams for competition in league and championship games.

New Uniform 2009

KLM Mission Statement

KLM is dedicated to the task of promoting and enhancing the culture of soccer in the KLM community. Our efforts and energies are directed to the following objectives:

  • We are committed to developing coaches to the highest level through a quality instructional program. By developing good coaches and encouraging them to achieve their maximum potential they in turn will develop their players to their maximum potential.
  • We strive to develop players at all levels of play by building and improving their skills, confidence, fitness, initiative and a sense of teamwork in a fun filled and safe environment.
  • We encourage and will assist our players, coaches and parents to become referees and to develop their refereeing skills to their maximum potential.
  • We promote and encourage high standards of sportsmanship and we embrace the principals of “Fair Play” espoused by FIFA.
  • To inspire and enable our members to achieve excellence in the sport of soccer and in life

KLM Vision Statement

To ensure that reasonably priced and affordable soccer participation and development programs are available for all age groups, for both female and males at the individual participant’s level of ability, regardless of their ability to pay. We will endeavor to expand these programs and soccer opportunities to areas that are traditionally under served – principally the inner city and their mini soccer programs.